Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Football-o-Rama is coming back soon

Looks like online football manager game Football-o-Rama will make the return soon - as it was published today late April or early May 2020 game will be accessible to new players.

Football-o-Rama was first available in gold status in 2002 as massive multiplayer online football manager game that gathered users from around the world. Now, after long hiatus, the game returns in new form with new options and features.

What makes Football-o-Rama a rarity is the basic transfer system - unlike 99% of similar games in Football-o-Rama you buy and sell players through negotiations with other users, not via auctions. What difference does it make? Once you try it you will see the difference - you can buy / sell players, you can exchange them (offer you player + money for better player from other team), you can loan them (so they can get the experience they would not get in their current team).

Another feature that will return in Football-o-Rama is the stock market - you can sell your stock or buy it from other teams. The price of the stock changes according to how well the team is performing in the league and cups.

More info on Football-o-Rama website

Monday, 6 April 2020

Football-o-Rama online soccer manager is about to return

Football-o-Rama, a multiplayer online football manager game is about to make comeback after several years of hiatus. The browser game should be available to first public users in about 2 weeks time.

Right now the game is in closed beta stage, or as the creators called it "phantom season", in which beta testers and AI managers are playing the game. If those tests prove to be fruitful the game should re-open soon. Football-o-Rama will share some of the resources with single-player Santa Monica FC Online, so any experience gained in that game could give advantage in multiplayer game.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

National football team manager game mode in SMFC Online

After 2 months of hard work and tests we just activated Niklas Persson's Project game mode, which gives you chance to run a national team. On surface this mode is similar to SMFC Pro, you get full player data and statistics, but at the same time your managerial options are limited to just few.

Of course you can't change team colours, you can't hire staff, you can't improve the stadium or take care of financial side, at least not at that point (Niklas Persson's Project is currently in version 0.1 that will be improved with time). The season is shorter - you will play 14 games in qualification group (no matter on which continent you will be taking part), if you manage to reach the top 2 you will play in World Cup group (3 matches) and potentially 4 knock-out round matches (with last one as the World Cup final). Right now only World Cup is simulated, mostly because on some continents the local national competitions would be rather boring (f.e. in South America you would get almost exactly same set of opponents in qualifications and the final tournaments since there are lest than 20 countries).

national team manager - your player details

There are no transfer options, of course, which makes this game mode tricky - you don't choose whether the players will have universal or realistic skills, because Niklas Persson's Project always runs on realistic skills. What is more you get around 100 players generated at the beginning of the game to give you chance to pick the best ones for national team and you are pretty much stuck with them until they retire - you can't just send scout to find a new talent, they will pop up at the beginning of the new season or via random events, so you have to play with the players you are given.

national team manager - player data

Right now Niklas Persson's Project is in 0.1 version, so keep in mind that there might be some slight problems in the gameplay and we are still working on this feature. More info: national team manager

national team manager - qualifications tables

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Global Soccer Manager 2017, a Championship Manager wanabee

Global Soccer Manager is project of clearly a classic Championship Manager games from Hungary - the player parameters, the lineup selection, the match report, your squad list, all of it will look very familiar to anybody who played Champ Man games in the past. To put it in another words it is more or less copy of old Championship Manager, but with one big difference - it is not even close to reaching the same level of gameplay. At least not right now.

First of all the interface, although similar to Championship Manager, can hardly be called user-friendly - even selecting your own nationality in first step of the game is unnecessarily complicated, browsing through the player data could be tricky since player parameters are listed alphabetically, searching for player could be complicated since there is no clear choice of player parameters to filter them out (for example by position or age). Even simple task as selecting a lineup is not done properly, you have to select position from list to assign it to new player, can't just move the marker from previous player that was placed on that position.

Another problem is with the match engine that provides very little informations during the game and even less after the match is over (there are no individual player statistics). Team selection and tactics are very simple and do not give much chance to come up with great game plan. Training options are just tedious - you can choose different training session for each day in the calendar, but there are no options create a weekly or monthly schedule and thus limit your workload. And you can’t even hire any staff members to help you around...

And the last of the big problems - the game really feels a half-baked project of enthusiast rather than methodically prepared project. For example if you filter players with good pace, passing and creativity skills you might find that most of the players recommended for you are actually goalkeepers, which suggests that the individual skills are just randomly generated.

At this point in time Global Soccer Manager is nowhere near reaching its target of being competition to classic Championship Manager - the game is hard to play and even harder to enjoy - generating the world takes about 10 minutes, reaching first season match about 20 minutes during which you have very little to do and can’t play a friendly matches.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

1st Division Manager

Rather old and simple football management game that simulates a single English division (first as it is stated in the title, but today first doesn’t exactly mean the top division).

We have only the very basic options available - training, team selection and transfers, the rest of the club parameters are more or less beyond our reach. For example we have the weekly balance of incomes and expenditure, but practically no tools to improve the incomes or limit the expends.

Simple animations with multiple endings are used during the match (similar to Anstoss, although not that impressive), which give very little information about the performance of our players.

Unfortunately only few foreign players are available (van Basten, Zenga, McCoist) and there is not even one international competition, so it is literally "1st Division only" manager.

The graphic aspect is far from being impressive, but it isn’t the main point of the game. 1st Division Manager can be considered "middle class" among such games - nothing special.