Saturday, 12 June 2021

National team football manager game mode just got an upgrade

Niklas Persson's Project, a national team manager game mode in Santa Monica FC Online just got an upgrade - more details of players are now available, like the level of division they play right now (domestic or foreign), what is their status in their club (first team members, irreplaceable, etc.) as well as stats from current league season.


Devs also added new events that will shake things around, especially players' morale and form. National team scout also will provide you with updates about your players, like especially well played matches or scored hattricks, which will give you an update who you should be calling up for your team.

After those changes the game starts to remind me of old classic, Anstoss World Cup Edition, that also simulated running a national team.

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Football-o-Rama online soccer-manager (finally) opens again


Browser free online soccer / football manager Football-o-Rama, after about 8 year of hiatus, re-opens again for users. You can read more on their blog - since June 5th new users can register and will take place in 2 weeks of friendly games before regular season will start.

If you are not familiar with this title Football-o-Rama was founded in late 2001 and gathered some fame through variety of option unavailable in other such online titles, like extensive stadium improvement options, direct transfers (not via auctions) and many more.

As the developers put it: "It's been a long couple of days, at the end of long week, at the end of very long month, at the end of about 8-years-long development process full of experiments, improvements, re-developing ideas, testing, re-testing, testing again, fighting with dragons, finding the Holy Grail, then losing it, re-developing interface and testing everything once more."

The return of Football-o-Rama was planned for December 2020, but developers took some extra time to fix all the problems. Check out this title to see if it is as good as it was in the past - join now

Monday, 15 March 2021

Football-o-Rama online soccer manager Demo

Football-o-Rama online soccer manager
Your temporary team page

Upcoming browser multiplayer football manager game Football-o-Rama just published the demo, in which you can learn the basics of the game and give you preview of the main interface elements. You can review your players, your stadium, your opponents, the transfer list, your staff and play a single match with your temporary club. Also you can meet Mr Darkness... :)

You can see visit the demo page and check out yourself.

More on their new blog entry.

Football-o-Rama online soccer manager
Your tactics page

Football-o-Rama online soccer manager
match report page